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De nouveaux drivers beta sont disponible pour les cartes à base de Radeon. Il s'agit des drivers 4.13.7068 pour W98/ME et des drivers pour W2K, que vous pouvez télécharger ici .

Windows 98/ME Ver 4.13.7068
Fixed Issues:
1. Better image quality in Direct3D and OpenGL games
2. TV quality is incredible, beautiful, as it should be, no more seeing refreshes
3. Fixed the problem with UT. You can start it with loki's OpenGL again
4.EMBM seems to work much better

Known Problems:
1. same issues remain (ExportWBuffer, fog issues)
2. compared to the 7041s and 7062s the 16-bit d3d is crap

Windows 2000 Ver
Fixed Issues:
1. accelerated video clearier (in Real, WMP, Xing, and the TV)
2. support for 1600x1024 in digital mode

Known Problems:
1. Video in app causes CPU utilization to skyrocket (try reinstalling Ati multimedia center to fix it)

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