Nouveaux drivers Hollywood Plus

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RealMagic a mis en ligne la version 1.81 des drivers destinés a l'Hollywood Plus. Vous pouvez télécharger ici  la première disquette (Drivers – 1 Mo) et   la deuxième (Applications – 1 Mo). Voici les changement apportés par ces drivers, tirés du Readme :

  • A fix for a bug while accessing the MPEG data on some movies that leads to the error message MMSYSTEM275. This bug was introduced in release 1.8.
  • Some region 4 movies published by a certain company are exhibiting audio noise during playback. This is due to some CRC errors in the AC-3 stream and can be fixed by ignoring these errors using the registry entry IgnoreAc3Crc=1 in the folder HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\Sigma Designs\REALmagic\13. It is recommended to have it equal to the default value zero to allow the driver to handle these errors by not decoding these blocks (or passing them to the external AC-3 decoder, if available).

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