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De nouveaux drivers pour la carte de decompression MPEG-2 RealMagic  Hollywood + sont disponibles. Il s'agit de la version 1.8, que vous pouvez télécharger ici  (Disk1 - Drivers) et ici  (Disk2 - Application). Voici les changements apportés par ces drivers, le plus important étant bien sûr le support du DTS :

  • DTS, whenever you choose the DTS option in a movie menu the OUTPUT WILL BE DIRECTED THRU THE SP/DIF OUTPUT IN DIGITAL FORMAT REGARDLESS OF THE DVD STATION AUDIO OUTPUT SETTING, so the DTS stream is NOT decoded thru the analog mini audio jack
  • NTSC to PAL conversion does not suffer of the 1 sec stuttering
  • The audio volume sliding bar shows in full screen
  • PC Friendly will show the playback of movie with the black key color (video was not shown with rel 1.7 - audio only heard)
  • A timing fix for the Jaton's OEM board on Pentium III systems
  • The audio special output (6 channel Wave) support to sound cards is removed for copyright issues

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