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De nouveaux drivers pour la 3D Blaster Savage 4 sont disponibles ici . Voici les changements :

1. ALi chipset system lockup problem during Windows startup.
2. Now beyond 640x480x8bpp with a non-DDC compliance monitor.
3. Purplish display at 1600x1200x16bpp@85Hz.
4. 'Need for Speed 4', 'Heavy Gear II', 'Sega Rally 2', 'Shadow Master', 'DarkStone', 'Quake 3 Test', 'Trespasser', '3D Studio Max 3.0' and some OpenGL games.
The D3D part is based on ref. driver 8.10.15, the ICD on 8.10.12 (MiniGL version). Do read the very informative Readme, it contains very good tips.

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