NVIDIA ForceWare 56.72

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NVIDIA a mis en ligne ses drivers ForceWare 56.72 pour Windows XP/2000 que vous pouvez télécharger ici . Par rapport au 56.64, les 56.72 corrigent essentiellement quelques problèmes que voici :

- GeForce FX 5200/FX5900/FX5950 Ultra, Windows XP: Far Cry (Patch 3) water is rendered incorrectly.
- GeForce FX 5200/FX 5600, Windows XP: Star Wars Galaxies performance is poor.
- Windows XP: Presentation Director eight-bit test screen is not displayed correctly.
- GeForce FX 5200/FX 5900/FX 5950 Ultra, Windows XP: “Play On My TV” option within the NVIDIA panel is not available when playing a media file.
- Windows XP: OpenGL viewperf crashes or is extremely slow if the Physical Address Extension boot option is enabled.
- Gameprofiles: Name of the .exe for Return to Castle Wolfenstein profile is wrong.
- Apocalyptica crashes when 3D stereo is activated and then deactivated.
- GeForce FX 5950 Ultra, Windows XP: In the game Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, white flashes occur on a character with antialiasing enabled.
- GeForce FX 5950 Ultra,Windows XP: Fogging effect is not applied to distant trees in the game Far Cry.

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